About Urban Corporation

We deliver high-quality products to our customers with an integrated system from proposal to design and manufacturing. With manufacturing plants in Japan and China, we are able to handle mass production and custom-made products, and produce products that satisfy our customers under strict quality control.


We offer a wide variety of lineups to suit the purpose, application, and design of the facility.


Based on the standards of the facility, we will custom design as necessary.


Based on the construction plan, we manufacture at our own factory in Japan or China.


The finished sofa will be delivered directly to the customer’s facility.


We also provide after-sales services such as repairing the sofa body and reupholstering the fabric.

About product development

First of all, we conduct market research, visit furniture stores, interior shops, and overseas exhibitions, and of course feel the market with our own eyes. Start product development.


We create design image diagrams and drawings, select materials such as wood, upholstery, and cushion materials, and create samples at our own factories and affiliated factories in Japan and overseas.

After repeating sample revisions and completing a satisfactory sample, we will proceed with commercialization while listening to the opinions of buyers and sales representatives. We are making products that are strong in the market.


About furniture wholesale business


We wholesale our original products, OEM products, sofas and furniture purchased from manufacturers to furniture and interior shops and mass retailers nationwide.

We have separate sales teams for each business category, research the characteristics of the store’s commercial area and best-sellers, and propose products that are suitable for that store.


In addition, we sell wholesale not only to customers in physical stores, but also to business partners who conduct mail-order sales using the Internet and catalogs. I have a suggestion.

About contract business

The contract business, which specializes in contract projects, can undertake everything from design to custom-made furniture production and construction in various situations such as hotels, offices, restaurants, and shops.

We are working on projects by leveraging our strengths in in-house development capabilities, while collaborating with group affiliates and know-how in sofa/furniture development/wholesale business.

We are able to respond quickly and accurately by utilizing the network we have cultivated over many years at our own factories and affiliated factories in Japan and overseas, as well as consistent management.

【Delivery record】

Consistent production system

As a furniture manufacturer, we produce sofas, legless chairs, tables, beds, cabinets, etc., which are the main categories, and we are doing everything from manufacturing to shipping. OEM is also possible, so we have received requests from many dealers and manufacturers.
We manufacture sofas and legless chairs in our domestic factory, and we have set up a new melamine wood processing line to manufacture sofas and legless chairs in our overseas factory, and respond to various requests such as beds and tables. We have established a system that can manufacture products that

Sofa manufacturing line (Kazo factory)

Sofa manufacturing line (China factory)

Production line for melamine decorative board processing and wood processing